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Known for her eccentric collage works, Ginny Merett has been an artist and art educator in the Columbia community for over three decades. Through those years she used various media to create art but for the last ten devoted her time to creating multimedia collage pieces. Inspired by stylish women and ordinary faces and images, she portrays unique characters using parts and pieces from current day and vintage media.  She most  recently was named one of the Top 15 Artists in Columbia, SC by Influence Digest. (8/2022).

Ginny’s collage pieces have been shown at Stormwater Studio, ArtFields, Koger Center for the Arts, the Jasper Project, USC School of Visual Art and Design’s McMaster Gallery, SC State Library, and other local venues like Trustus Theater, She Festival, Cottontown Art Crawl and Melrose Art in the Yard. Her work is published in the Jasper Project’s Jasper Magazine, Spring 2019 edition and in Sheltered: SC Artists Respond During the 2020 Pandemic; and in Bullets and Band-Aids Volume 3. 

She gives back to the community by visiting schools, sharing her work with students, and donating art to local charities.

Ginny was born and raised in Denver and has lived in South Carolina since 1987. Art has sustained Ginny throughout her life and is the cause for her every success. She constantly sewed, created, and treasured drawing as a child and sought out every art opportunity in school. Because art was such a passion of Ginny’s youth, she studied art education where she explored a wide range of disciplines and mediums; and taught art in the public schools for more than 30 years.

Her influences include David Hockney’s joiners, Robert Rauschenberg’s combines, Hannah Hoch’s timeless collages, and the beautiful execution of John Singer Sargent’s portraits.

Ginny is a member of Figurativeartists.org and is an Artist Peer with the Jasper Guild. Look for her at ginnymerett.com and on all social platforms.