I never forget a face. There are no two alike. I’m inspired by the faces in my grandmother’s 1920s photo album, faces of strong women, and ordinary faces in the crowd. Using collage techniques, I create new faces and characters that focus on eye-to-eye contact, and the connection between the viewer and my work.

Collage is tactile. I get to feel every piece of paper in several ways. Tear. Cut. Glue. Embellish. I plan and gather my color palette from found papers just like a painter gathers paint. I glue papers as varied as maps, sheet music and pages from old textbooks to fill in all areas. Once the glue has dried, I outline each shape to show emphasis and unity.

I’m reserved yet my art is loud and gaudy and complex. This is my alter ego. My art is me on the inside.


I never forget a face.

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