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Tall Women

And where she stood she stood tall.

The Tall Women series, titled with names from my family tree, pays homage to all women, no matter their height, who stand tall even in the face of adversity.  


I use parts and pieces from magazines and combine them to make new characters. For example, the feet, hands, eyes, and mouths in the Tall Women series were all selected from magazine advertisements. I also recycle various papers to embellish the figures with unique garb and head adornment representing how women, through history, dress to celebrate special events. 


About a year ago, I planned on making only one tall woman from a 60” long board I found in my garage, but it grew to a collection of 20 within the year. As I continued to be graced with magazines from friends and patrons, I discovered more feet and eyes that were proportionally usable for making some interesting characters of that size. I collected wood from the lumber yard throughout the year and gathered various papers for the character’s adornments and clothes. With each new piece, a tall woman with a unique personality emerged. They began to represent a diverse group of women, portraying the women I know, impersonating my family and ancestors, and my granddaughters, and revealing women we all know. Women who stand tall. 

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